WEEKLY COMICS, MONTHLY! – Episode 05 (2000 AD Edition)

Banner05East and West collide in WEEKLY COMICS, MONTHLY! Every month hosts Jim & Zac chat about the last month’s worth of two of the premier weekly serial anthology comics in the world, 2000 AD and Weekly Shonen Jump!

Set your thrill receptors on maximum as the bombastic conclusions to Jegeir, Helium, and the latest Judge Dredd epic arrive as we continue our march to Prog 1950. But before the jumping on extravaganza, we’re greeted by two spooky new thrills. First up, direct from the pages of the 2000 AD 2014 Winter Special  the supernatural sci-fi stylings of the The Alienist returns and then take a trip back to the home dimensions of Judge Death in  Dreams of Deadworld. Meanwhile over in the Judge Dredd Megazine more western style adventures in Judge Dredd, things take a turn for the religious in Lawless, Mercy gets some help for Demon Nic, and witness the half-life of a ghost in Storm Warning. All that and the epic cliffhanger conclusion to Lobster Random!

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00:08 – Introductions
08:55 – 2000 AD Progs 1943 -1947
01:03:45  – Judge Dredd Megazine 363
01:25:42 – Lobster Random/Go-Machine Reprint
01:54:15 – Guardians 3000
02:04:26 – Corto Maltese

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