WEEKLY COMICS, MONTHLY! – Episode 07 (January 2016)

Banner07 East and West collide in WEEKLY COMICS, MONTHLY! Every month hosts Jim & Zac chat about the latest month’s collection of two of the premier weekly serial anthology comics in the world, 2000 AD and Weekly Shonen Jump!

A year of new beginnings as WCM takes a step back to shake things up. Once again a monthly podcast covering both 2000 AD and Weekly Shonen Jump in a single monthly episode. Leaner and meaner then ever Jim and Zac take a close look at the new year premiers of Judge Dredd and Kingdom in 2000 AD Prog 1961 – 1965. While in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump #05-09 their sights are set on the continuing adventures of My Hero Academia and Black Clover. After that WCM presents their new Lightning Round where your hosts take a moment to say a few words about everything else. All that and the Judge Dredd Megazine, with the conclusion of Demon Nic, and a recap of the last few months of Megazine reprints.

00:00 – Introductions
15:00 – 2000 AD News
25:00 – Judge Dredd (2000 AD)
38:33 – Kingdom (2000 AD)
50:00 – Black Clover (Weekly Shonen Jump)
01:01:00 – My Hero Academia (Weekly Shonen Jump)
01:16:11 – 2000 AD Lightning Round
01:21:57 – Weekly Shonen Jump Lightning Round
01:35:05 – Judge Dredd Megazine (2000 AD)

5 thoughts on “WEEKLY COMICS, MONTHLY! – Episode 07 (January 2016)

  1. How can I contact you guys? You have made me want to start reading judge Dredd. I have read lots of manga , So I am familiar with SJ. But do I get the judge dredd book?

  2. Well, if you’re into Digital, you can buy 2000 AD weekly via the 2000 AD app in your device’s app store. If you’re looking for print and live in North America it’s a bit tougher. As you have to go to your local comic shop and probably special order 2000 AD from the back of Preview’s catalog. Which is both slow and expensive IMO

    1. O well I guess I can look into the digital version. Is the American Judge Dred issues different? I think IDW produces it. But thanks for the advice.

      1. IDW’s Dredd comics are ones they create themselves with their own creators. The contents are not reprinted from the original 2000 AD source. (except for Judge Dredd Classics, which… I’m not sure if they still publish right now)

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