WEEKLY COMICS, MONTHLY! – Episode 10 (May 2016)


East and West collide in WEEKLY COMICS, MONTHLY! Every month hosts Jim & Zac chat about the latest month’s collection of two of the premier weekly serial anthology comics in the world, 2000 AD and Weekly Shonen Jump!

For the month of May Jim & Zac take a look at some of the newest anthology arrivals, first with the sci-fi murder mystery BRINK in the pages of 2000 AD. And then the supernatural comedy antics of DAILY DEMON DIARY, the latest JumpStart series from the shores of Japan. Zac then helps explain to Jim just what the heck is going on in Jump’s HUNTER X HUNTER, and finally they take a look at the long term ramifications of the latest adventures of JUDGE DREDD. Those in-depth reviews, plus the Lightning Round. All in this month’s episode of WEEKLY COMICS, Monthly!

31:42 – Hunter X Hunter (Weekly Shonen Jump)
39:58 – Daily Demon Diary (Weekly Shonen Jump)
46:01 – Brink (2000 AD)
56:05 – Judge Dredd (2000 AD)
01:12:22 – Realm of the Damned (Judge Dredd Megazine)
01:21:07 – Lightning Round (Weekly Shonen Jump)
01:50:47 – Lightning Round (2000 AD)

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